The operational operation of 10 Fajr wastewater treatment plants begins

Managing director of Tehran's Abfa province said at the press conference that during the decade of Fajr, the operation of 10 wastewater treatment plants starts at 2000 billion dollars.

The sewage treatment plant in eastern Ahwaz is the most modern sewage treatment plant in the country

The sewage treatment plant in the eastern part of Ahwaz was used by Dr. Jahangiri, the first vice president of the president.

12 days a day, the pilgrims of Arbaeen were served

Managing director of Tehran province water and sewage company said: During the ceremony of Arbaeen Hosseini (AS), the forces of the company served the pilgrims of the Aztets of Hades for 12 days.

Per capita water consumption should be halved

Qa'm-mkhamam, director of the Tehran Water and Sewage Company, said that water consumption in Iran is 220 liters, while in the rainy countries this figure is lower and this number should be halved.

The sludge transfer line for the city of Quds will be completed in the next two months

The director of the supervision of the transmission lines of the Tehran sewage company announced the completion of the sludge transfer line at the Ghods Town Complex for the next two months, saying: "A large part of the pipeline operation of this 5400-meter pipeline has been completed, and now the operation is on the Jalal Al Ahmed is in the hope that he will be completed soon.

The water footprint and the presentation of the National Water Party's Water Education Project with the participation of provincial and national officials in Tabriz was held.

Attended by the Governor of East Azerbaijan, Advisor to the Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, Adviser to the Minister of Energy for Women and Family Affairs, Advisor to the Managing Director of the Water and Waste Water Engineering Company of the Ministry of Women and Family Affairs, Director General of Public Relations and Public Communication of the Water Engineering Company The sewage of the country, the Water Footprint Concert and the presentation of the Water Lady's National Water Education Project in Tabriz Petrochemical Complex.

Deputy Minister of Human Resources and support of Iran Abbey Engineer Company was held in Abbas, South Khorasan

Deputy Director of Human Resources and Support of Water and Wastewater Engineering Company of Iran together with the Director General of Office of Management Development and Administrative Development of Abfa Engineering Company of Iran, with a visit to South Khorasan, at a meeting with the presence of the CEO, vice-chairs and a group of managers of the province's Abfa Co. to examine how Service and human resources issues were held.

With the presence of deputy director of engineering and development of Iran's Abfa Engineering Company; Water supply project was completed in the first phase of Imam Ali (AS) settlement.

Water supply project to the first phase of the 3,000-unit settlement of Imam Ali (AS) in the city of Brovat with the presence of Shahin Pakrouh, Deputy Minister of Technical Development and Development of the country, governor and representative of the people of Bam in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Imam Jameh Browat, Managing Director of ABFA Company in Kerman province and Deputy Director of Technical Development The company and a group of local officials were hired.

Deputy Director of Surveillance and Surveillance of Iran's Water Utilization Since the Beginning of the First Phase Operation of Bandar Abbas Desalination Plant

The deputy director for monitoring and monitoring the operation of the country's gardens at the visit of Bandar Abbas sweetener project announced the opening of the first phase of the project with the presence of the first deputy of the president in the near future.

Visit of the Vice President from drinking water facilities in Mazandaran flooded villages

Vice President and Head of the Organization of Planning and Budget of the country with presence in Mazandaran province, along with a representative of the people of Ramsar-Tonekabon and Abbas Abad, the governor of Mazandaran and the managing director of the province's water supply department, and other officials of the executive agencies during the visit to the flood areas, drinking water facilities Damaged villages in the west of the province also visited.

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