The sewage treatment plant in eastern Ahwaz is the most modern sewage treatment plant in the country


Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri was arrested on Nov. 21 during a trip to Khuzestan Province, along with the Minister of Energy, Governor of Khuzestan, Governor of Ahvaz, Managing Director of Water and Waste Water Engineering Company of Iran, Managing Director of Ahvaz Abfa Company and Sharif Ahwaz People's Representatives at the Islamic Consultative Assembly of the Modern Treatment Plant The waste water from the east of Ahwaz was exploited. The first deputy chairman of the president said that the wastewater treatment plant in the east of Ahwaz is one of the most modern refineries in the country with a high capacity and with the technology of the day.
Dr. Ishaq Jahangiri pointed out that on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, he continued: "There were ideals in the minds of Imam Khomeini that this revolution could secure freedom, independence and justice as the basic demands of this nation in the last 100 years. Execute Dr. Jahangiri stated that we are seeking to establish the sovereign justice of all our activities, "We are seeking to implement justice in the strict sense throughout the country in the form of regional and individual justice, so that every individual Can have a good living environment, and there is no difference between the person living in the center and the person who is away from the center.
Jahangiri said that many of the slogans of the revolution have been realized, "We have a long way to go to our ideal and we must continue to consider the ideals and goals of the revolution ..."

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