Tehran Hosts Tenth Meeting of Board of Governors of Regional Center for Urban Water Management / Water Ministers of Azerbaijan Region


In an interview with the Ministry of Energy (POW), Ali Chavoshian added: "The Regional Center for Urban Water Management" is active in West and South Asia, as well as Central and North Africa in February 2001 with The follow-up to the Ministry of Energy has been established and launched in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UNESCO.
He emphasized that the activities of the center are planned and guided by the Board of Governors at the highest level, consisting of the water ministers of the member states, adding that the center is the only international body responsible for water issues in the region, whose meetings are held at the ministerial level. Formed by the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he has been instrumental in pursuing national interests in the fields of water diplomacy, border rivers, shared water resources, development and export of technical and engineering services and technology transfer.
Director of Tehran Regional Water Management Center (RCUWM) noted: Following the signing of the agreement on extension of activities of the center for another 6 years until the end of 2024 by the Minister of Energy and UNESCO Director General in 1977, the meeting of the Board of Governors at the Ministerial level After a long break it is possible.
So far, invitations to the Board of Governors of the Center for Water Ministers of the 17 countries of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Syria, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Egypt have been invited, he added. And India has been dispatched, and is planned to be held in Tehran in December with the presence of ministers or deputy ministers of water and energy ministries in Tehran.
Chavezian emphasized that the summit would promote constructive engagement with regional countries on water issues. He also said that Germany's and Switzerland's top water managers have already announced their readiness to join the Center's Governing Council and participate in its programs and projects. .
The Director of the Tehran Center for Urban Water Management (RCUWM) at the end noted: To date, 6 sessions of the Board of Governors of the Center have been held in Iran, two in Oman and one in Tajikistan.

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