44/5000 The need to pay attention to the effectiveness of public relations activities


According to the Ministry of Energy (PUN), "Sedigheh Babin" said: "Attention to public opinion and supplying their news needs of the Ministry of Energy's important public relations issues. Public relations of Tehran province's Abfa Co. as one of the largest companies in this complex can play a big role in Operate this approach.
He added that resources, facilities and manpower are effective when they increase the level of people's satisfaction with our services.
The Director General for Public Relations of the Ministry of Energy emphasized the importance of strengthening effective communication with the media, "The speed and precision of timely information and communication during times of crisis is very important, and inadvertently it can put organizations in the service sector, such as water and sewage, into complicated conditions.
In another part of the meeting, the Director General of Public Relations of Abfa Engineering Company said: "The events that are taking place in the public relations of Tehran's Abfa Company are very influential in the field of public relations activities of water and wastewater companies throughout the country.
"Mohammad Khalilipir, referring to the expertise and management power of the water and wastewater company in the province of Tehran, pointed out:" The activities of this company are of special sensitivity due to the kind of service provided in a metropolis like Tehran. "
At the beginning of the meeting, Mohsen Parsa, director of Public Relations at the Abbey of Tehran province, described the approaches and plans of the office, said: "Our effort is to move the public relations of the organization to the point of deepening, because in an organization such as water and sewage, the framework of its activities is engineering and engineering. , The work of public relations that is more relevant to the field of human sciences becomes more difficult, and therefore public relations needs to move in a scientific direction and global standards with a native approach.
Parsa emphasized: "In the public relations of the province of Tehran, we are trying to pursue the activities in a consistent manner, and within this framework we could establish a public relations policy council and revive the neglected activities."

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