Water resources constraints are our main concern

Mohammad Parvars added: "Water resources are a very important topic, and the per capita of renewable resources in the provinces of Tehran and Alborz is 300 cubic meters per year less than the average, and given that half of these resources come from other places into the Tehran Basin, less than 200 cubic meters per year of renewable resources We will have many challenges in the future of water and electricity in the future if we do not plan for these two provinces.
Breeding It is very useful to point out that the coaching sessions held in Tehran province are very useful. The output of these meetings is that when the managers of the water and electricity companies come together, their concerns are shared and they are in every incident and crisis. This issue is also worrying for others. Indeed, although there are interorganizational problems and interagency inconsistencies, such as between the municipality, but luckily, in the internal issue between water and electricity companies in the province of Tehran, which includes more than 25 percent of the total volume of water and electricity activities in the country.
The development, referring to the problems of the province's waterfalls, said: One of the main topics is the discussion of water resources and water comprehensive plans of the cities of Tehran province, which is a very serious debate that Bakhtiari, the CEO of the regional water company, is looking forward to. We do not have a long-term perspective on water supply companies in the Southwest of Tehran province and in the water reservoirs of the cities and towns of west Tehran, due to the sharp decline in water resources, which is part of the working instructions of water and water supply meetings and regular meetings, which have huge water problems of about one billion And 350 million cubic meters for urban drinking water and 100 to 150 million cubic meters for rural drinking water.
Another water supply issue in the province of Tehran has been discussed with the water economy and the price is over; if we want to calculate investments, projects and depreciation, then costs may reach over 2000-2500 tomans per cubic meter, while we average 440 We receive a ton of water per cubic meter of water.
Rearing said, referring to population growth, "We do not have a role in the growth of the population, but all the problems come to us, such as we do not have a blue sky for Campus and Parand."
Reforming the water facilities in both the water and sewage as well as in the electricity sector is another issue that needs to be addressed and, with the help of city councilors and parliamentarians, be able to obtain resources from the reserve fund, so that many of our infrastructures More than 40 or 50 years old are being rebuilt because reconstruction has nine credit lines, not financial resources.
The CEO of Tehran's Abbey province said that the company wanted the organization to be another problem and said: "Only over 150 billion tomans from one of the organizations are weighed, and to the same extent we owe debts to the regional water company, which indicates the need for upstream decisions to correct This is the situation.
Having said that in 1410 we will have about one billion and 300 million cubic meters of sewage from Tehran and the cities of Tehran province. To this end, we need more than 14 trillion towers. In wastewater projects so far, more than 10 trillion tomans have been invested. The price has risen day by day, and the good thing about this is that we will borrow from the Asian Infrastructure Bank about $ 600 million, which will make the sewage system of the cities of Tehran less than average in the country.


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