Deputy Minister of Human Resources and support of Iran Abbey Engineer Company was held in Abbas, South Khorasan


Dr. Ghaee, at the meeting, expressed his satisfaction with attending a group of colleagues at the city's Abbey, with their talks, to direct the leaders to discuss and discuss new issues and hurricane plans.
He expressed his satisfaction with the measures taken to support the retirees.
At the beginning of the meeting, the director of the South Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company gave a general statement about the situation of the province's water and sewage company and stated: "Currently 11 districts are under the coverage of this service."
Engineer Hashemi Moghaddam pointed to the company's staffing status and said that the province's water supply company has been supplying subscribers with 194 recruiters, 22 wagers and 156 volumes of power, and the company's professional level is 21.
He explained the cost of household use and said: 74% of household expenses and 26% of non-residential expenses, which varies per capita costs in provincial cities, and in Tabas and Ashgabat cities due to high air temperatures per capita Consumption is very high.
Managing director of South Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company, the implementation of projects for the repair and rehabilitation of networks in the province, according to its age, required the allocation of national credit, and stated: Due to the lack of allocation of credits for the project, leakage operations in this complex since the year The past has begun.
Engineer Hashemi Moghadam stated that the water losses have not changed much since last year due to the delivery of three cities from water and wastewater from the village to waste water, and stated that: 10% of the loss was due to the apparent loss and error of the meter and in The true loss is also the highest number of splits.
He added: "Currently, 148 kilometers from the distribution network of the province requires an immediate implementation of the project for the modernization of the network.
Engineer Hashemi-Moghaddam mentioned: "We spent the summer of this year without water deflection by working together with our colleagues at the Water and Wastewater Company of the province.
He said in a statement on the separation of green space from drinking water and said: "795 green space currents in the year 91 to 670 branches have already reached, and despite the development of green space in the first six months of the year, 16% We had green space.
The managing director of South Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company has reported on water and wastewater services in Mehr housing projects and added: "In the settlement of Mehr Mehr is among the top five provinces of the country and all the water needs of the Mehr housing has been removed, but in the field of wastewater retrograde We have serious.
Hashemi Moghadam highlighted the main concern in this regard regarding the stabilization of services in Mehr housing and noted: Despite the credit problems, we are building three reservoirs in the Sept. Housing to be exploited next year.
He mentioned one of the major problems of South Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company as a low water price factor and added: In the province, the average length of main lines is 4.2 percent, while the average country is under two meters, and the length of the distribution lines is 11 .7 meters, while the average country is under eight meters.
The director of the Southern Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company referred to the Birjand wastewater treatment plant project and said the construction of this refinery, which is currently under construction at the facility of the ECO Development Bank, has up to 70% of physical progress.
Engineer Hashemi Moghaddam called for a tangible reduction in the credits given by the sewage sector, adding that "there is a need to review this area because of the serious backwardness in this area."

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