Technical Services
While pointing out that all types of orders are accepted, we will draw your attention to the following services:
1) Production and supply of various industrial valves in accordance with international standards
2) All valves are manufactured according to DIN 3202 and flange types according to Din-Ansi standard.
3) Possibility to test all products in accordance with the standards of the oil and gas industry inside the country
4) To provide casting and machining facilities for the above mentioned products
5) Possibility to provide a variety of necessary coatings in accordance with project requirements
6) the possibility of supplying goods from the employer's desired brands
7) The products presented are certified by Arya SGS.
8) Certificate of Oil Company and Certificates Required for Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries of the Ministry of Industry
9) Vogue's internal production has a 36-month warranty.
10) Production and supply of various types of fire-fighting valves of the oil and gas, petrochemical and power plant industries in a variety of sizes and materials are required.
Factory-based lab
 Technical Database and Standards
 quality control unit
 Factory-based modeling workshop   

All products of the company are controlled and monitored by the quality control team located at the factory at all stages of production and packaging. In the laboratory unit, metallurgical tests and mechanical properties control for casting parts, rubber parts testing, and thickness and adhesion tests are monitored based on relevant standards and precise laboratory equipment.
In modeling workshops with the benefit of experienced professionals and advanced equipment, modeling and servicing and maintenance operations to maintain and maintain quality in production are carried out continuously.


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