Aire Valve - Double Orifice

PN: 10/16
DN: 200...50
نوع مصرف در صنایع: • آب و تاسیسات
مشخصات و طراحی مدل:
Double Door Type:
It has two air tanks with separate vessels
Large opening to discharge large volumes of air at filling (water into pipelines) and air into pipelines when empty lines (water withdrawals)
A small opening for the discharge of air bubbles in cavitation pipelines
نوع مواد:
  • Ductile cast iron body and cap EN-GJL-400 (GGG40)
    Vessels made of polymer tough and resistant to pressure, shock and wear
    NBR / EPDM valve seal
    Extruded small openings in rice
محافظت در برابر زنگ زدگی: • Exterior and interior coatings of electrostatic powder epoxy paints
محدوده کاربرد: • Maximum operating temperature: 70 ° C • Can be used to control the pressure and speed of water flow
تست بازرسی نهایی: