Air Valve-Single Large Orifice

PN: 10/16
DN: 200....50
Application in Industries: Water and installations
Specifications and Model Design: Large orifice for releasing air when full (water flowing inside the pipeline) and air stream inside the pipeline while draining the water
Small orifice for releasing air bubbles made inside pipelines because of cavitations
Ductile cast-iron in compliance with EN 1563 (DIN 1693) standard
Flange dimensions in compliance with EN 1092-2 standard
Final examination test in compliance with EN 12266 (DIN 3230 part 3)
Materials: Body and flange made of ductile cast-iron EN GJS 400 (GGG40)
Floaters made of hard polymer – pressure, shock and corrosion resistant
Waterwheels made of EPDM/NBR
Small orifice made of extruded brass
Rust Protection: Interior and exterior protection of valves – epoxy powder paint of electrostatic type
Scope of Application: Maximum temperature: 70°C Minimum pressure for waterwheels of floaters: 0.5 bar
Final inspection tests:
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