Globe valve – Straight Type

PN: 10/16
DN: 450...15
Application in Industries: Water and steam
Specifications and Model Design: Valves with ascending and non-ascending
cranks, in compliance with DIN 3356
Ductile cast-iron in compliance with DIN 1693 standard – EN 1563
Grey cast-iron in compliance with DIN 1691 standard – EN1561
Functions with low power torque of the hatch (disc)
Face to face dimensions in compliance
with DIN 3202, F1 standard – EN 558-1 basic series 1
Final examination test in compliance with DIN 3230 part 3 – EN 12266
Flange dimensions in compliance with EN 1092-2 standard
Materials: Body and flange made of ductile
cast-iron GGG-40 – EN GJS 400 or grey
cast-iron GG-25 – EN GJL-250
Seat made of bronze/rust resistant steel
Hatch made of bronze/rust resistant steel or ductile cast-iron
Crank made of non-resistant steel
Waterwheel made of EPDM/NBR – steel ring
made of bronze/non-resistant steel
Rust Protection: Interior and exterior coating of valves – epoxy powder paint of electrostatic type
Scope of Application: Maximum temperatures: 50°C with waterwheel made of EPDM 100°C with waterwheel made of Silicon 150°C with waterwheel made of bronze 200°C with waterwheel made of rust resistant steel
Final inspection tests:
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