Globe Valve - Straight Type

PN: 10/16
DN: 450...15
نوع مصرف در صنایع: • آب ، بخار
مشخصات و طراحی مدل:
  • Milk in both ascending and ascending axes according to DIN 3356
    Ductile iron in accordance with EN 1563 (DIN 1693)
    Gray cast iron in accordance with EN 1561 (DIN 1691)
    Funds up to standards
      EN 558-1, basic series 1 (DIN 3202, F1)
    Final inspection test in accordance with standard
      EN 12266 (DIN 3230 part 3)
    Flange dimensions in accordance with EN 1092-2
    The lowest torque is the valve (disk) valve.
نوع مواد:
  • Body and cap made of ductile iron EN-GJL-400 (GGG40) or gray cast iron EN-GJL-250 (GG25)
    Bronze / stainless steel seat
    Brass / stainless steel valve or ductile iron
    Stainless steel shaft
    Bronze / Stainless Steel Valve Seal on Order NBREPDM /
    Whittington's Oring
محافظت در برابر زنگ زدگی: • Exterior and interior coatings of electrostatic powder epoxy paints
محدوده کاربرد: • Maximum operating temperature: • 50 ° C with EPDM valve seal • 100 ° C with silicone seal valve • 150 ° C with bronze valve seal • 200 ° C with stainless steel valve seal
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