Gate Valve-Metallic

PN: 6/10
DN: 450....40
Application in Industries: Water, sewage and installations
Specifications and Model Design: Face to Face dimension in compliance with DIN
3202 F4 standard-EN 558-1 Basic series
Metallic sealing equipped with Elastomer waterwheel designed
in compliance with ISO 5596standard
Crank with interior ,non-ascending thread
Valves with chamber flange
Final examination test in comliance with DIN 3230part3
EN 12266 Cast-iron in compliance with DIN 1619-EN1561
The product comes wiht metallic sealing in compliance with
DIN 3230 part b3 standard -EN12226
Cast -iron in compliance wiht DIN 1691 standard -EN1561
Easily replaceable waterwheels
Flange dimensions in compliance with EN 1092-2 standard

  • Body, sealing and Bonnet  made of grey
  • cast-iron, in compliance with GG25
  • standard – EN-GJL 250
    O’rings made of EPDM/NBR
    Crank made of rust resistant steel with 13% chromium
    Crank nut made of forged brass
Rust Protection: Inner and outer protection cover of valves – epoxy powder paint of electrostatic type
Scope of Application: Maximum temperature for fluids: Silicon o’ring: 100 °C up to 10 bar pressure 160 °C up to 8 bar pressure, for 40-200 DN 160 °C up to 5 bar pressure, for 250-450 DN NBR o’ring: 70 °C up to 10 bar pressure
Final inspection tests:
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